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Jocelyn Warren

Office Manager/Instructor

Jocelyn is the Office Manager and Facilities Operator at Step By Step Dance Studio. She has been a part of the the SBSDS for over 30 years. She began as a student in 1986, became an instructor at the age of 17, and in 2006 began working as the Office Manager. As of the original members of the Psalm Sacred Dancers, Jocelyn has had the opportunity to share her love of dance in places such as Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Arizona, and most notably, Zimbabwe, Africa. As a student at Nolan Catholic High School, Jocelyn studied dance under Ms. Elan Schwericke and was a member of the Royelles Dance Team. In 2018 Jocelyn graduated from UT Arlington with her bachelor's degree in Public Relations. She currently works at Texas Christian University for an extended recess program that bridges the gap between academics and the social, emotional, and healthy well-being of children. She has two daughters, Ashlyn and Addison who are both students at Step By Step. 

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